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Stunning new season fair trade fashion from India and Nepal.

by Andrew Williams | October 10, 2016 | 0 Comments

We are constantly amazed at the stylish new designs and fabrics which Mata Traders manage to come up with. As one of the only Mata stockists in the UK, we are always delighted when their next delivery arrives! This season we have another stunning capsule collection, featuring some on-trend patterns and a timeless little black dress. 

As always we only have very limited stock of each design in each size, so please don't miss out! We are delighted that we now have some real Mata "fans" who snap up their favourites as soon as we release a new season, so we hope you'll want to join their ranks. 

Of course, as well as providing you with another wardrobe staple, buying from our new Mata collection also helps ensure a better quality of life for the producers in India and Nepal. Let us know your favourites! 


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Cool fair trade headbands to keep you warm

by Andrew Williams | October 30, 2013 | 0 Comments

We're really pleased to have another great range of winter woollens from Here Today Here Tomorrow. Last year our bestsellers were their knitted headbands with velvet lining and they are back for 2013/14! We have three new styles - a charcoal block print design in a traditional style, and a new knot design available in burgundy or navy. We only have limited stock of each design and once they're gone we're unlikely to get more stock. Don't miss out on these cosy, fair trade favourites. 


Knot Headband

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A ray of fair trade sunshine

by Andrew Williams | September 10, 2013 | 0 Comments

We've been making some changes to the front of the shop this week - getting ready for autumn while doing our best to accentuate the last of the summer sun! What do you think?

We've mixed some of our favourite copper pieces from Nepal with a range of our best-selling yellow ceramics which are designed in Holland and made in Thailand. We love the combination of rich, deep, earthy tones from the copper and the bright sunshine of the pottery. Hope you agree!

As always, provenance is key :)

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New from Nepal

by Louise Davies | March 13, 2013 | 0 Comments

We're now stocking a selection of stunning copper vases and bowls from the Association of Craft Producers (ACP). ACP is a not for profit, fair trade organisation providing support services to low-income Nepalese craft producers. ACP is a resource to advance and globally distribute their work, for which the producers receive fair wages and generous benefits.

In addition to fair wages, the consistent commitment from ACP and fair trade premium has empowered many of their female producers. For example, Nara Maya, a woman from eastern Nepal married young and never went to school. She struggled to sustain her family, until moving to Kathmandu and finding work with ACP. She is now trained in various skills and specialises in ceramics. ACP provide an allowance for her daughters to attend school. As ACP say:  "Today Nara Maya possesses multi skills. She earns much more than her husband's earning. The fact that she is contributing to the bread basket has done wonders for her self confidence and she is now an independent and confident woman".


Nara Maya Rai & Ram Devi Mali who work with ACP 

Using basic tools, ACP's producers from Palpa in Nepal create stunning works of hand-hammered copper. The producers have branched out from making utensils, storage pieces and jars to decorative items for the home, broadening their market and expanding their skills. 

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Coming soon...

by Andrew Williams | January 13, 2013 | 0 Comments

It's a bit chilly at the moment up at Hay Castle, so don't forget we currently have up to a third off all our knitwear. There may be snow on the way so stay warm out there! We're taking the opportunity during the quieter weeks at the start of the year to look for loads more interesting and unusual items to stock in time for Spring. We've already got some really beautiful new mango wood pieces which we'll have up on the website soon. Also on the way we have...

...more incredible jewellery from Cambodia, as well as more of our ever popular Elephant Cement accessories;
...more stock from our friends in Mexico - rugs, mirrors, and our spooky yet stylish black clay skulls!
...more clothes including a range of womenswear which will be perfect for the summer;
...Nepalese arts and crafts including some incredible copper pieces;
...some kids toys and playthings to keep our younger ethical superheroes contented. 

We hope to add all of these items online as soon as we get them. And we'll have more offers and discounts for customers, so if you haven't signed up to our mailing list yet, why not join us? Or if you're more socially minded you can like us on Facebook at

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