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New from Nepal

by Louise Davies | March 13, 2013 | 0 Comments

We're now stocking a selection of stunning copper vases and bowls from the Association of Craft Producers (ACP). ACP is a not for profit, fair trade organisation providing support services to low-income Nepalese craft producers. ACP is a resource to advance and globally distribute their work, for which the producers receive fair wages and generous benefits.

In addition to fair wages, the consistent commitment from ACP and fair trade premium has empowered many of their female producers. For example, Nara Maya, a woman from eastern Nepal married young and never went to school. She struggled to sustain her family, until moving to Kathmandu and finding work with ACP. She is now trained in various skills and specialises in ceramics. ACP provide an allowance for her daughters to attend school. As ACP say:  "Today Nara Maya possesses multi skills. She earns much more than her husband's earning. The fact that she is contributing to the bread basket has done wonders for her self confidence and she is now an independent and confident woman".


Nara Maya Rai & Ram Devi Mali who work with ACP 

Using basic tools, ACP's producers from Palpa in Nepal create stunning works of hand-hammered copper. The producers have branched out from making utensils, storage pieces and jars to decorative items for the home, broadening their market and expanding their skills. 

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