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Responsible Retail Therapy

by Louise Davies | June 07, 2015 | 0 Comments

We had a brilliant time during Hay Festival (more on the great speakers and events later). It’s wonderful for Hay to be bustling with people and to meet regular customers who pop back and see us each year. We also meet lots of new customers who love our combination of fair trade and stylish products. My favourite comment was from one such customer who said how pleased she was to buy something and not feel guilty afterwards. It’s true – most of us out for a spot of ‘retail therapy’ have a pang of guilt when handing over our well-earned cash for non-essentials. Maybe it's because we're worried about our bank balance; or that it's something we don't really need that might sit in the back of a cupboard; or perhaps it's because we're not sure who, how and where it was made and whether someone might have suffered for our spontaneous purchase.

That's what is so brilliant about fair trade. Not only can you buy quality, special products that have often been hand made with huge care, but you can feel good not guilty about your purchase. Buying fair trade is using consumerism for the greater good, building an economy that works for everyone and helps bring people out of poverty. So next time you need some retail therapy, make it responsible and do some feel-good fair trade shopping! 

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