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We're in a book!

by Louise Davies | May 20, 2016 | 0 Comments

We're super excited to be featured in the hugely talented Oliver Balch's new book. 'Under the Tump' is Oliver's take on life in Hay and the surrounding area - 'sketches of real life on the Welsh Borders'. The book recounts Oliver and his family's move to Clyro and the weird and wonderful people they meet in the area. From the King of Hay, young farmers and the 'widows of Clyro', Oliver tells the stories of those in the area, old and new, in a brilliantly engaging and amusing way.

He also tells the story of Eighteen Rabbit's move to our new premises in Lion Street. Oliver called in when we first got the keys and explains our background and grand plan for the shop. It's quite strange to have yourself personified in writing, but it's a lovely picture of Andrew and his continual use of the word 'man', and me with an obsessive need to de-hippify the shop! 

We're delighted to be selling the book in store and online (signed copies if you order today!). It's a wonderful description of life in this very special part of the country, and we're so pleased to be part of the story.

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