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Framespotting - Laurence & Alison Matthews

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What: Everywhere we look, “framing” affects how we see things. Frames restrict our view, keeping us from seeing the whole truth and subtly influencing our take on everything from deck-chairs to democracy. This upbeat, punchy guide to framespotting will open your eyes and your mind. Learn to notice frames and it’s amazing what else you’ll see: fresh ideas; how and why you’re being hoodwinked; and how you’re part of the transition from growth to growing up. Framespotting is empowering and liberating. And you’ll never look at sprinklers or economists the same way again.

How: "This book is a really salutary encouragement to challenge what you think are the obvious ways to frame questions and possibilities. It is hopeful, realistic and original; what more could you ask from a book about learning to think afresh?" - Rowan Williams - former Archbishop of Canterbury; Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge

Who: In a previous century, Laurence and Alison were university lecturers and statisticians in the oil and transport industries. In this one, they wrote a best-selling book on Chinese characters before turning to epidemiology, the Bowen Technique and the psychology of climate change.

Recently Laurence has been Chairman of a climate policy NGO and has given evidence to Select Committees of the UK House of Commons. Laurence and Alison live near Hay-on-Wye with far too many books (most of which are Laurence's).   

    Why: We have hand picked a small but growing selection of books which we hope complement the fair trade products we stock. Inspiring, engaging and educational, we hope that these books can help move forward the discussion and debate around creativity, social justice and sustainability.