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Zimbabwe in Abergavenny

by Andrew Williams | September 19, 2018 | 0 Comments

We took a trip to Abergavenny at the weekend as Louise was on a panel at the annual Food Festival. It was certainly a cavalcade of aromas as hundreds of food stands competed for attention, from gourmet Scotch Eggs to local craft ale. While Louise was convincing everyone about the benefits of veganism, we were also pleased to spot a stall from our friends at Love Zimbabwe, with their colourful creations all the way from Harare. 

Martha and David are based in Abergavenny but have strong links to Martha's home village - in fact, their leader Chief Chinamhora was in Wales for the occasion! We have been proud to stock some of their beautiful items in the shop, and at present we are almost completely sold out so we hope to have more soon. The most popular items were miniature lions, elephants and giraffes made from wound wire, and we also had larger animals made from recycled oil drums which were a big hit. 

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