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Turning the Tide on Plastic

by Andrew Williams | August 09, 2018 | 0 Comments

Before we embarked on the crazy journey of running Eighteen Rabbit we had another life as event managers in London, running a variety of projects for some amazing clients. We had a focus on sustainability and were involved in some quite technical work as well as doing a lot of champagne-tasting! One of our absolute favourites every year was running the Observer Ethical Awards, the "Oscars" of the eco calendar. This was headed up by the Observer's ethical living columnist, the fabulous Lucy Siegle, who has gone on to star in early evening TV as part of the One Show team. 

Now Lucy has an inspiring new book out, "Turning the Tide on Plastic." Plastic waste has of course been in the news a lot lately, thanks in part to "Blue Planet," and Lucy's book provides both a warning about the scale of the problem, and some of the answers that might help us to turn it around before it's too late. 

It feels great to be "reunited," albeit virtually, with Lucy and we wish her every success with her book! 

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