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The Big Beasts are Back!

by Andrew Williams | May 10, 2018 | 0 Comments

As we gear up to another Hay Festival, we're delighted to have received another amazing delivery of colourful flip flop animals from Ocean Sole in Kenya. These incredible creations are made from flip flops which wash up on beaches and congest urban waterways around Nairobi. 

The flip flops are separated into colours (no dyes or paints are used), then cleaned and sanded to create a smooth surface. They are bonded together to create a multi-coloured block, then carved by hand. Bigger animals are made from groups of the blocks built up into larger shapes. 

The attention to detail is amazing, and the environmental benefits are obvious. But Ocean Sole now employ over 70 people in the project, making this a great social success story too!

Check out the new arrivals online and in the shop. 

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