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A new kid on the Fairtrade Cola block.

by Andrew Williams | July 18, 2014 | 0 Comments

They may be sugary and bad for your teeth, but most of us enjoy a fizzy drink every now and then. Whether it's coke, diet coke, or the true drink of champions - Irn Bru - a chilled can of something refreshing is the taste of summer. 

When we were running our Coffee on the Cobbles Cafe over the Hay Festival, we were delighted to be able to stock Ubuntu Cola, the UK's first Fairtrade certified cola drink. I have to say I tried a few and I think they are delicious - none of the bitter aftertaste you associate with some inferior brands.

Now there's competition for Ubuntu in the shape of Kiwi upstarts Karma Cola. Their Fairtrade, organic flavours include a cola, lemonade and a ginger drink. We haven't had a chance to sample them in person yet, but the signs are good - they've just won the International Fair Trade Trader Award at the International Fairtrade Awards (try saying that in a hurry) in Bonn.  

We love Ubuntu but in a market where we hope to see Fairtrade going mainstream it's good to see some healthy competition. Try both and decide for yourself!



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