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Fair trade chocolate gets a Christmas twist

by Andrew Williams | November 17, 2014 | 0 Comments

We love our selection of Zotter chocolate, which is fair trade and made from organic ingredients. The Zotter factory in Austria is legendary among chocolate enthusiasts who rave about the insane range of flavour combinations which are the trademark of the Zotter brand. We have had some amazing ones, though we haven't quite gone as far as their Dark Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut Nougat and Bacon Crackling! 

We do have some great new flavours in for Christmas though, and a a public service to all of you I have tested some of them...

The stand out for me is the Tequila, Salt and Lemon bar. Hand scooped, this is a real taste of Mexico in a bar, and as we're all aware the Mexicans knew a thing or two about chocolate. It may sound overthe top but is actually surprisingly subtle and has been going down a storm in the shop.

Mulled Wine and Christmas Magic feature the more traditional flavours of Christmas, the latter is a white chocolate bar with honey caramel crunch. 

All of the range are perfect as stocking fillers and are sure to get a great reaction in the run up to Christmas. We love them all year round but at this time of year a really special chocolate is just what you need!

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