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So we've decided to open a record shop...

by Andrew Williams | March 09, 2017 | 0 Comments

We like to keep people on their toes here at Eighteen Rabbit, so when we were thinking of ways to reinvigorate our side room the answer seemed obvious - let's open a record shop! 

We've known all along that the side room was a tricky space to navigate. Some customers weren't sure if it was part of the shop or a back room, and no matter how many signs we put up, we struggled to get people to walk through the arch. This meant that customers were potentially missing out on some of our best lines, like our cool Glower tee shirts. 

So when our friend Matt from Carmarthen's legendary record store Tangled Parrot approached us with the idea of collaborating, we jumped at the chance. We now have all of our fantastic fair trade stock in the main room, making it much easier for customers to find the pieces they want. And the side room has a new lease of life with racks of LPs, CDs and music books. 


We were absolutely focussed on making it feel like one shop, rather than two, so don't be surprised to see some cool vinyl in the main room, or some fair trade socks in the side space! We hope it makes us one of the nicest places to shop in Hay. Pop in if you're passing and we can show you around! 

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