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Be transparent (where possible)

by Louise Davies | August 22, 2014 | 0 Comments

I'm sure everyone has phrases that annoy them: "give it 110%", "at the end of the day", "chillaxing", I could go on...

One that irritates me is the seemingly innocent "where possible". It doesn't really mean anything does it, unless you can define possibility? It annoys me mostly when used in restaurant menus referring to the provenance of food. See the menu below spotted at the Green Man Festival.


If everything is organic and Fairtrade where possible, then why is the orange juice that's being served a generic brand with neither of those qualities? Why can I see Twinings (neither Fairtrade nor organic) fruit teabags behind the counter? Do you really mean that some of your basics - maybe Fairtrade coffee and organic bread - are ethically sourced, but when sourcing the rest of your ingredients you couldn't possibly be bothered to go the whole hog?

It's not that I expect every food stall or restaurant to have 100% ethical sourcing policies, but why not be transparent? Say what is Fairtrade, organic or local alongside the menu item - then we can know where we possibly want to eat!  

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