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What Brexit could mean for developing countries

by Louise Davies | September 20, 2016 | 0 Comments

We're all unsure what Brexit will mean for our bank balances and our culture. And the repercussions could have an impact on fair trade, and the economies of developing countries too. As the UK has to renegotiate trade deals, preferences for developing countries may change and many vulnerable producers could have their incomes threatened.

As part of the EU, we offer developing countries duty free and quota free access to trade with the UK. Allowing developing countries to trade with us in this way contributes to their economic development. We now have the chance to be leaders in providing economic opportunities to developing countries, by offering simple and flexible trade routes.

It's great to see that Traidcraft are conducting some research to propose post Brexit development-friendly policies and they will hopefully be able to put a set of recommendations to the Government.

In the meantime, Fairtrade Foundation have set up a petition to ensure that Theresa May considers the impact on vulnerable farmers and workers in any new trade deals. You can sign it here.

Future trade deals have the opportunity to help end poverty. The lives of voiceless farmers and workers could be improved, not worsened, if the Government ensure they are not forgotten. Please sign the petition to make sure that any new UK trade deals deliver justice.

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