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The True Cost of Fashion

by Louise Davies | November 02, 2015 | 0 Comments

We were delighted to be involved in the film screening of The True Cost in Hay last week. It's a powerful and eye-opening documentary film that takes us behind the scenes of the fashion industry. It explained how fast fashion and consumerism has changed the face of the fashion industry, putting huge pressures on workers to deliver fast and cheap clothes. There were heart-breaking stories from factory workers who can't afford to live with their families, and images of those who lost their lives while making our clothes in the Rana Plaza disaster.

For me, a real eye-opener was the impact of the leather industry. The tanning process is so toxic that children born in villages close to tanning factories had a greatly increased chance of disability - and tannery workers have 20%- 50% greater risk of cancer.

Guests at the screening were left with a new viewpoint on fashion - and whilst there's no easy fix to the current situation, people will certainly be thinking more about the provenance of their clothes. You can find out more and watch the film here.

The screening was followed by a fashion show, showcasing Hay's fair trade fashion options. Here are some of the wonderful models wearing our clothes!

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