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Happy World Elephant Day!

by Andrew Williams | August 12, 2015 | 0 Comments

Did you know that today is World Elephant Day? How could you forget? (boom boom). 

Elephants seem to have such a deep connection for us humble humans, representing wisdom, power, strength and a certain ancient connection to something bigger than all of us. It's difficult to imagine a world without elephants, but sadly that is a future we are facing unless we act now. Find out more on the website. 

After rabbits, I would say that elephants are our best selling animal in the shop. We seem to have them in all shapes and sizes! Here are some of our favourites... click on the pictures to find out more. 

 Elephant Cement Messenger Bags from Cambodia.

 Sunset Elephant card, signed by the artist who made it.  

 Flip Flop elephant from Kenya. 

Wooden elephant from Sri Lanka. 

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