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Clonakilty Chocolate explain the real impact of Fairtrade

by Andrew Williams | July 07, 2014 | 0 Comments

Today is World Chocolate Day, fact fans - insert joke here about every day being chocolate day etc. It was very heartening to read this article about Clonakilty Chocolate, an up and coming chocolate maker based in Ireland, who have seen first hand the real difference that Fairtrade can make. 

Founder Allison Roberts writes, "The impact of Fairtrade in these rural communities is remarkable, we're talking about the basics - introduction of water facilities, toilet blocks and schools. Fairtrade also provides education for farmers around crop rotation and safety and the Fairtrade premium nurtures the development of other industries such as Batik or Palm Oil production in these areas of high unemployment"

You can read more about Clonakilty Chocolate on their website, which also has details of their crowd-funding campaign. Good luck to them, and hey - Happy World Chocolate Day!


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