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Searching for Answers in Mexico City

by Andrew Williams | September 28, 2017 | 0 Comments

Nearly ten days after the devastating earthquake in Mexico, groups are still searching for survivors. While the international news agenda moves on to other issues, Mexico City faces a huge clean-up operation and lingering concerns about how tectonic activity in the area could affect the country in the future. 

Among those leading the search for survivors are the "Topos" or moles, a voluntary group who search for victims trapped under rubble or collapsed buildings. This fearless band of citizens has travelled all over the world to assist in disaster areas, and have been instrumental in helping during the recent earthquake which struck so close to home.  

You can read more about Los Topos on their Wikipedia page, or (if your Spanish is better than mine!) visit their website which will also allow you to donate to their relief efforts. 

With estimates of damage currently running at around $2 billion, there will be no quick fixes to the restoration process. But the courage and resilience of groups such as the Topos show the spirit which will allow Mexico to endure. Through their service and hard work, the people of Mexico gain the confidence to carry on, even though more geological activity seems to be a certainty. 

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