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Organic September

by Louise Davies | September 22, 2016 | 0 Comments

Apparently it’s Organic September! I do slightly lose track of which campaign is running by who and when, but this one is run by the Soil Association in a bid to encourage us to buy organic for the month.

Organic generally falls below Fairtrade and local on my shopping list hierarchy, but it is massively important nonetheless. And in fact, organic produce means a better deal for Fairtrade farmers so it’s good to go for both where possible. Farmers earn a higher price for their crops whilst protecting the environment.

Organic means that no harmful pesticides are used in the production of crops. There’s up to 50% more wildlife on organic farms which proves the positive effect of organic farming on nature. Organic means the highest standards of animal welfare, animals are free range and are reared without the routine use of drugs and antibiotics.

Organic farming practices reduce soil contamination, and healthier soils can store more carbon. The Soil Association say that the impact of switching to organic farming could save 64 million tonnes of carbon over 20 years across all UK cultivated land, the equivalent of taking nearly a million family cars off the road!

All of our delicious chocolate from Zotter is organic – take a look at the range here. And our Grumpy Mule coffee is organic too (available in store only).

So there may only be a few days left of #OrganicSeptember but that’s no reason for organic products not to be on your shopping list from now on!

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