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Fair Trade Hay Coffee Morning

by Ruth Hayden | March 26, 2023 | 0 Comments

It is the snowiest day of the year ,and it is time for the Fair Trade Hay coffee morning at Eighteen Rabbit.This is to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight and the farmers who work hard to produce and supply  bananas coffee ,chocolate and other foods.
Today is a special occasion.We have stocked Jenipher's Coffi for a while now in the shop,and Jenipher herself is coming to our coffee morning with Elen,the founder of Jenipher's Coffi. Jenipher is here in the UK to celebrate Fairtrade fortnight.They have a tightly packed schedule so we are delighted that she can drop in to see us.This is although the schools are closed because of the snow,and the roads into Hay are terrible! Elen drives up from Cardiff undeterred along with Jenipher who has never seen snow before and has to sit by the fire to thaw out . Despite the weather,people come .

We are treated to a cup of delicious coffee made by Elen who gives us instructions on how to make the perfect cup (water 88-92 degrees not boiling,very important)
Then Jenipher speaks-we learn how she and her family have farmed coffee in Uganda on the slopes of mount Elgon for generations. Changes in climate in recent years mean that farming is adversely affected therefore they live in times of unpredictability. Erratic rainfall ,fluctuating temperatures, a corresponding increased growth of pests, along with general global economic uncertainty are taking a toll on coffee farming .there is an excellent video on youtube ( type in jenipherscoffi Cop 26) which explains this further.
Jenipher and Elen discuss how Fairtrade works , its many benefits and ,how it improves life in farming,and trade, through education, and training. Jenipher is the chairperson of her local co operative of three hundred farmers .She is the first woman to hold this position which is a great step forwards for women in a traditionally male-dominated area. Jenipher says this is not easy!
Jenipher and Elen discuss the Fairtrade Premium given to farmers by Fairtrade -Jenipher is particularly enthusiastic about the solar panels they use.they are cheap to manufacture and can provide power meaning people can start to replace the dangerous old kerosene lamps they previously had to use.What a fantastic idea!

For £25.OO you can buy a bag of 227g coffee (ground or beans) AND either 25 trees for the farmers to plant,or one of these brilliant little solar panels-it is a win win situation-you get delicious coffee and get to help the coffee farmers all in one go -result!:)
These bundles and more are all available on www.jenipherscoffi along with much more information.The website makes for fascinating reading,there is much to learn and a great way to help - keep buying Jenipher's Coffi -and drinking it of course
Thank you,Diolch yn Fawr to all who attended and specially to Elen and Jenipher for making it happen!

Ruth :)


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