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Fair Trade Flower of Scotland

by Andrew Williams | December 01, 2016 | 0 Comments

Before we become fully enveloped by the Christmas season we have my favourite day of the year - St Andrew's Day! Not just a reminder of all my saintly work during the preceding year (ahem), but also a chance to reflect on my home nation's contributions to the fair trade movement. 

We have several suppliers and friends based north of the border, and there are some fantastic retailers working in Scotland too. 

The Justice Brand are based in Edinburgh and support a number of fantastic micro-projects around the world - often supporting women who have been victims of trafficking. Their bags, hold-alls and pouches are perennially popular in the shop. 

Scotland, like Wales, is a Fair Trade Nation. This helps people in both beautiful countries understand the commitment to fair trade and think when they are making shopping decisions. 

One of our favourite little fair trade shops in Scotland is tucked away in Inverurie. Ubuntu is part of the Acorn Centre in the town, and has a fantastic selection of gifts as well as food products. We always try to pop along when we're visiting my mum & dad. 

Last but by no means least we have some lovely customers in Scotland! The generosity of the Scottish people and their empathy for those in developing countries is a national trait we can be proud of year-round, but especially on November 30th. 

Lest you think I'm becoming too carried away with jingoistic patriotism, I present to you our weekly playlist featuring one of the darkest moment from Scotland's past - our ill-fated trip to Argentina in 1978 and the horrors of Ally's Tartan Army!

Wha's like us?!


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