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Eighteen Rabbit -the Great Fair Trade Giveaway and Beyond.

by Ruth Hayden | July 24, 2021 | 0 Comments


Hello from Ruth, Szilvia and Layla!

For those of you who read the previous blog, we are the incredibly privileged staff who were gifted Eighteen Rabbit by previous owners Andrew Williams and Louise Davies in a rare and awesomely generous gesture. To say we are lost for words doesn't actually describe our excitement and gratitude (although it does explain why I have taken so long to write this!)

One of our main aims in taking on this new and uncharted venture is to Pay it Forward  and in doing so to help support and promote Fair Trade principles and raise awareness about our suppliers, their stories,countries and way of life. I also think it's important to keep Fair trade going in terms of selling beautiful items gifts and homewares in a physical shop, to keep another shop open on the street in Hay on Wye and  also I hope it is a fitting  gesture of gratitude to Andrew and Louise who are happily not so very far away and can be relied upon for genuinely good advice!!

 To Andrew and Louise and all our customers, quite simply,Thank you!

We aim to keep Eighteen Rabbit as  beautiful as it was with Andrew and Louise-as customers your input and suggestions are very important to us so if there are any particular products which interest you or you would like to see back in stock please let us know. 

We hope to see you soon in Hay on Wye.

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