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Drooling over December

by Louise Davies | October 13, 2016 | 0 Comments

Ok, so in amongst Tuesday's #DayoftheGirl and #NationalComingOutDay, the fact that this is #ChocolateWeek seems a little frivolous. But let's remember, chocolate - well cocoa - can provide a sustainable income for farmers in developing countries ensuring a secure future for their families along with access to education. Choose your chocolate wisely and you can enjoy the smooth sweet flavour safe in the knowledge that your purchase has improved someone's life, albeit in a small way.

This was also one of my favourite weeks of the retail year... as it's when the Christmas Zotter catalogue arrives! We've been stocking Zotter's fabulous organic and Fairtrade chocolate for some time, and their creative flavours and eye-catching packaging, make them a big Eighteen Rabbit favourite.

They have some show stopping advent calendars on offer this year. Check out this stunning tree with luxury chocolates as decorations - pretty special!

And for us vegans, they have a wonderfully tempting box of vegan chocs - with 13 different flavours. That would definitely get me out of bed on a cold December morning!

As a small shop we don't generally like to invest in 'time-sensitive' products. But as I'm definitely having one of those vegan advent calendars, I thought it only fair to offer the same opportunity to you! If you'd like to pre-order the vegan calendar (RRP £21) or the luxury tree calendar (RRP £35) then drop me an email (louise@eighteenrabbit.co.uk) before Monday 17th October and I'll sneak your order in with mine! (Note the writing on these calendars is in German).

We'll have plenty of festive and favourite Zotter chocolate back in stock soon - so keep an eye on our website for some fab new flavours.

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