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Crocheted Toys from Bangladesh

by Andrew Williams | March 13, 2019 | 0 Comments

We've just had a big delivery of these lovely toys, handmade in Bangladesh!

Our octopus friends come in a variety of colours, and we also have lovely monkeys and frogs. They are all suitable from birth, and the octopuses (or whatever you decide the plural of octopus is!) are incredibly popular. 

Usually, when thinking about fair trade projects, we prefer to deal as close to the artisans as possible - so if at all practical we'll be importing directly from the makers. However, with items for kids we made a conscious decision to source our stock from UK based wholesalers. This means the toys and gifts go through rigorous UK safety testing. Our soft toys come from Best Years in Northamptonshire, while our wooden toys come from Lanka Kade who are just up the road in Market Harborough. 

Do check out the new arrivals if you're passing the shop, or have a look online.  

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