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Crafts from Cambodia

by Andrew Williams | July 18, 2018 | 0 Comments

We are delighted to have received a new delivery of inspiring fair trade products from Craftworks Cambodia. The box includes one of our most popular lines - our recycled tyre wallets - as well as more incredible "Hope & Peace" jewellery. 

The wallets have the appearance of leather but in fact make a great gift for vegans as they use no animal products. Some are plain while others are lined with sacking or other material. We also have "Elephant Cement" wallets and messenger bags made from recycled cement sacks!

Our "Hope and Peace" jewellery is a truly inspiring project, using bomb casings and bullets left over from the war in Cambodia to make stunning jewellery. 

The items are made by home workers like Chantha and allow those employed to support their families and keep their children in school. 

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