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Christmas Countdown part 2- Last minute, moi? Jamais!

by Andrew Williams | December 15, 2016 | 0 Comments

Mid-December is an interesting time of year in the shop. I'd say it divides roughly into a 45:45:10 split. The first group are the well-prepared ones, who have been craftily tucking away potential presents all year long, and now need just a few finishing touches to allow their perfect plans to fall into place. The second group are in full-on buying mode - they have lists, they have scribbled notes on their hands, they have lots of bags and their credit cards have a faint red glow around the chip. They'll get there, as long as they focus. 

Then there are the ten percenters. They amble in, cool as cucumbers, scouting out the shop with hands tucked into pockets. They smile and nod, and explain they're "just having a look" waiting for "inspiration" to strike. Off they go again, narry a carrier bag in sight, still as far from buying their first present as they were on the August bank holiday. You have to admire them. Will they make it? Who knows. But last-minute shoppers of Britain - we salute you!

Whichever group you fall into, there are some things you can't change. As Christmas Eve is a Saturday you could potentially post something first class on Friday 23rd and still have it arrive in time - though we're suggesting Wednesday 21st as a good cut off. So you have just under a week to order any of our fancy fair trade treats before the big day. We never try to give anyone the hard sell, but here are three clever ideas if you're stuck for inspiration...

Recycled tyre wallets from Cambodia. Fair warning - we will sell out of these. Very popular, particularly as gifts for tricky-to-buy for men. 

Star earrings. Back in stock after a short absence, these beautiful earrings are handmade from brass in Tamil Nadu. A perfect festive look!

Landmarks by Robert Macfarlane. The follow up to the hugely succesful "Old Ways" is a great gift for outdoorsy folk - and a lovely present from the "Town of Books." 

In our last blog before Christmas we'll look forward to 2017 - until then, don't let the shopping madness sweep you away - let's do whatever we do with a spirit of peace, love and compassion. 

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