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Christmas comes early for wildlife

by Andrew Williams | November 16, 2016 | 0 Comments

We all moan about it - the "Christmas season" seems to start earlier and earlier every year. Where once it would have been mid-December before trees began to appear, now the October half-term signals an explosion of tinsel and troika bells filling the airwaves and the shop windows. 

And with the tat and fairy lights comes the new scourge of modern times - the Christmas adverts. John Lewis, M&S, even Aldi and Lidl will all be trying to out-do each other for the best soundtrack, most tear-jerking moment, and greatest amount of cash through the tills. 

I am normally a certified Scrooge when it comes to the ads, particularly after last year's demolition of Oasis classic "Half the World Away." This year comes a glimmer of hope, however. The John Lewis advert is actually very good! Here it is:

And I was even more impressed to read that John Lewis had worked with the Wildlife Trust as their charity partner on the advert. They advised the retail giant on how to make the ad and how it could appeal to consumers. Great stuff.  

The icing on the cake would be if John Lewis went the extra mile and signed up to the Stop Funding Hate campaign, encouraging retailers to stop advertising in media outlets which encourage discrimination and hatred towards minority groups. 

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