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by Andrew Williams | July 05, 2016 | 0 Comments

How often have you found yourself struggling to remember an address or postcode? It can be difficult to keep all the relevant facts and figures at our fingertips, even in this modern digital age. But what if the place you were thinking about didn't even have a postcode? Perhaps it's not a town or a village, just a stretch of road in a remote part of the world - but it's where a particular artisan or cooperative are making a product which you love. How can you tell the local postie where he or she should be collecting your goods from?

The answer lies in three words. Imagine a map reference - so many degrees north by so many west or similar. Now imagine that each of those references was attributed not to a number, but to a word. You can then express any position on the globe using three words - and each combination will give you a unique point on the map. 

So to take an example - you could find "2 Lion Street, Hay on Wye" (that's us!) by using the reference "cats.expecting.hunter" - which we think is a lot more poetic than "52.07462 x -3.1254152" which is our current map reference. 

If we needed to pick up from Ocean Sole in Kenya, we could send our delivery team to "toads.cracking.inflation" and they'd arrive within 3m of our friends.

It's a concept that's much easier to understand if you play around with it - head over to the what3words website and pop in your address now - who knows, in years to come you might not be reeling off your postcode - you might just be saying "find me at cheetahs.dynamic.both!"  

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