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Barro Negro Skulls from Mexico

by Andrew Williams | July 25, 2018 | 0 Comments

We have had Mexican skulls since we first opened the shop nearly six years ago and in that time they have become more and more popular. The brightly painted skulls are always a best-selling line, but we have also had huge success with the unique black skulls from Oxaca made from "barro negro." We first bought these back in 2012 when we visited the city looking for inspiration. Now, thanks to our colleague Alberto in Mexico, we're able to sell these again!

"Barro negro" translates roughly as "black mud" or "black clay," and in that regard, it's a pretty literal translation. The material is particular to Oaxaca, and as well as skulls you tend to see a lot of crafts made from the clay. It's a porous product so while vases would be lovely you don't see any of those!

Each one is made by hand of course, and they are all slightly different - though all have an intricate, textured pattern which you can hopefully see in the photos. 

We hope you love these latest gems from Mexico!

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