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All the News From Autumn Fair

by Andrew Williams | September 05, 2018 | 0 Comments

I took a trip to Autumn Fair at the NEC in Birmingham this weekend. It can be a slightly bewildering experience, with thousands of stalls, many of which have no relevance to us whatsoever! Here and there were some gems worth seeking out however. 

I had high hopes for the Global Handicrafts section but as it was the first day of the show most of the exhibitors still seemed a bit jetlagged. I did like the look of Finch and Roller, who produce very nice organic cushions, tea towels and the like all with an ethical story. Kazi had beautiful woven products, albeit at the top end of our price bracket.  Doitung had some beautiful ceramics, but I'm not sure my Thai will be good enough to take that much further!

Back in the main show, it was time to catch up with some of our regular suppliers - Lanka Kade, who work in Sri Lanka to produce our wonderful wooden toys; Shared Earth, who produce our beautiful Colouring Book jewellery, and have a great range of socks coming soon; and Tilnar Art, who supply our ever-popular Azeti recycled aluminium products

There were also some new conversations - Fet So Good had beautiful felt dragons which we think will be perfect for the shop. And there one or two other suppliers we'll be speaking to again. 

Wherever possible, we buy our products direct from the source. That's not always possible or practical though, so we're grateful to our UK suppliers who provide a stable supply of amazing fair trade products throughout the year!

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