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Accentuate the Positive With Some Good News Journalism

by Andrew Williams | July 24, 2019 | 0 Comments

It's easy to be down-hearted at the state of the world. No matter what your political views, we live in uncertain times and it can sometimes feel like the evening news is just a round-up of what has gone wrong on any particular day.

Yesterday, the Guardian ran a piece entitles "Is Fair Trade Finished?" and while the findings weren't quite as apocalyptic as the headline might suggest, it's still food for thought (and well worth reading). Too often we think of big corporations as benevolent consumer champions, stocking products based on their ethical credentials, when in fact these organisations are motivated primarily by profit. If we as consumers don't tell them they have got it wrong, they will veer quite quickly to the lowest denominator on price and quality.  

Good news is never too far away though. We are big fans of Positive News, the magazine that focusses on the little successes that can often be missed by the 24 hour news cycle. They had celebrity praise from none other than Bill Gates this week, who tweeted his support of the magazine. It's a great read and we have the latest issue available online now!

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