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Another Mexican adventure

by Shopify | September 07, 2012 | 0 Comments

So here we go again. In two weeks time we'll be getting ready to check in online for our flights to Mexico City. We want to meet new producers who can help us expand our range of fairly traded goods from Mexico and Central America. We already have some great leads, but I think once we're on the ground we'll be able to track a few more down. 

Currently our itinerary will take us from Mexico City to Xalapa, home of the Mexican leg of the Hay Festival. From there we'll drive down to Oaxaca for some mole sauce and sunshine. Then it's back to Mexico City before a week in Cuernavaca, the "city of eternal spring." We'll have our eye peeled for anything unusual with a great story about how trade is improving the lives of the artisans we meet.

More news soon. For now, we have to get our website licked into shape before we're ready for takeoff...   

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