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Think before you drink

by Louise Davies | September 11, 2015 | 0 Comments

A BBC investigation has revealed some horrific conditions for workers who make our much loved tea. Tea estates who supply Twinings, Teltley and PG Tips were housing their workers in squalid conditions, using child labour, and paying extremely low wages. One worker said she's been asking her employers to provide a toilet for over 30 years! Many workers without toilets were left with no choice but to go amongst the tea bushes. Homes were mere shacks, and left in disrepair - when part of the agreement with workers is that the tea estates should provide decent housing and sanitation.

The report was a real eye-opener. We know that Fairtrade labelled tea provides good, safe and fair conditions for workers, but we never see what the alternative is. There should be a big label on PG Tips and co's boxes stating UNFAIR TRADE, to remind people of the human cost of their daily cuppa.

You can view the harrowing report here, and please, next time you're shopping for tea look for the Fairtrade logo on the box or you'll be left with a bitter aftertaste.


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