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Reading material

by Andrew Williams | August 26, 2015 | 0 Comments

We're surrounded by books here in Hay on Wye - it is the literary capital of the world after all! So it seemed only natural that we should branch out in to the written word in the shop. Of course there are not really "fair trade" books as such, since the overwhelming majority of titles will be published in the UK. But we think it's possible to stock a range of reading material which supports and complements the aims of Eighteen Rabbit. 

As an example, we're delighted to have the new issue of Lodestars Anthology available in the shop now. To call it a "travel magazine" would be a great disservice, but they do cover a different location each issue. Scotland was in the spotlight last time, and the new issue looks at Australia, through photography, features and poetry.

We also love stocking the "Do Books" series, from the team behind the Do Lectures. These mini guides cover everything from bee-keeping to intellectual property, baking sourdough bread to improvisational techniques. Again, calling them self help books would be a misstep, but they have proved to be incredibly popular.

Finally we're delighted to stock the Happy Reader magazine - the perfect print title for the town of books! Sadly we can't sell all of these on line, but if you're passing through Hay and need some engaging reading material, you know where to come.     

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