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Delayed Gratification magazine now available in Hay on Wye

by Louise Davies | March 17, 2015 | 0 Comments

We are really pleased to be stocking Delayed Gratification magazine in our Hay on Wye shop. The idea behind the magazine is "slow journalism" - an antidote to the current fad for rolling 24 hours coverage of all the latest news. Each issue looks in depth at stories that were being talked about three months before - giving the dust time to settle and removing some of the heat of the moment reaction that can cloud journalistic judgement.

This issue the magazine looks at events in October to December 2014. Some of the stories covered are very close to our hearts, such as the disappearance of 43 Mexican students, which we were all too aware of following our trip to Mexico in January. Other stories covered in depth include the unrest in Ferguson in the US, and the hacking of Sony Pictures. It is fascinating to look at these stories with the benefit of a few month's breathing space. No doubt future issues will be looking at events such as the Charlie Hebdo massacre in France and the UK general election in May.

Stocking these magazines allows us to place our concern for fairness in global trade into a context of what is happening in the rest of the world - whether it's unrest in far flung corners, or trends in fashion and design closer to home.  

Sadly we are not able to sell magazines online - the ones we stock are so weighty it would cost us a fortune to send them! But if you are passing our shop in Hay on Wye do come in and have a flick through our growing news stand. Magazines currently in stock are Delayed Gratification, Ernest and Oh Comely.   

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