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How fair do you think you are?

by Andrew Williams | September 29, 2014 | 0 Comments

The great British sense of "fair play" is a concept that comes up a lot when discussing the state of our nation today - along with stiff upper lips, queueing, and always saying "sorry" even if it's not your fault. It can be difficult to pin down what exactly we mean by fairness, and looking around us at the clear inequality in the world it can sometimes seem like a hollow boast. 


Well - now is your chance to find out how fair you are, thanks to the good folk at the Fairtrade Foundation!


You can take their test to give yourself a score which will either give you a warm glow in your sense of fair play or perhaps leave you with a slightly guilty feeling that you're letting the side down. We scored a pretty respectable score which makes us "Action Heroes" according to the Fairtrade Foundation. However there is never any room for complacency - let us know what you score!

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