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It's Spork Week! Fair trade sporks, proudly made in China.

by Louise Davies | August 29, 2014 | 0 Comments

So, how have you been celebrating Spork Week? Perhaps you've been eating soup and salad with the same utensil? Maybe you've made your sporks dance, or contemplated how they represent innovations of our time.

We've been selling our spork n corks as usual from our shop in Hay. They're always popular with busy workers and happy campers.

There is certainly some truth about the innovative nature of the spork. Apparently Bill Clinton used the spork as a symbol of his administration due to its dual nature, and said that sporks are 'a big new idea'.

Our sporks from Bambu combine simple design with natural products, handcrafted by wood-workers in China. Yes, ethical sourcing from China is possible! The couple who set up Bambu wanted to merge their modern design approach from Portland, Oregon, with natural products from China, while ensuring safe and fair practices for the workers. Not easy, given China's political situation - where human rights organisations and trade unions are banned.

Bambu have successfully created simple and stylish hand-crafted products while supporting workers in China with sustainable business practices. I think that's also 'a big new idea'. 

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