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In Praise of.... Ben & Jerry's

by Louise Davies | August 07, 2014 | 0 Comments

Totally swayed by their current Greek God ad campaign, I've been craving Ben & Jerry's greek style frozen yoghurt for weeks. I finally caved in and can confirm that the strawberry shortcake creamy fro-yo is every bit as good as I'd hoped.

I'm not a regular frozen dessert consumer, and was reminded of two things when making the purchase. Firstly, just how expensive it is! I paid £4.99 for a pint or so of (albeit totally delicious) frozen yoghurt - another reason to savour every mouthful! Secondly, that Ben & Jerry's are massively committed to Fairtrade. Looking at their product range it's heartening to see the Fairtrade Foundation logo on so many tubs. They are currently working to source Fairtrade certified ingredients for all of their products, that includes sugar, cocoa, vanilla, coffee and bananas.

B&Js have had a strong social mission since their inception. In 1985 they set up the Ben & Jerry's Foundation which provides grants to local community groups and supports social justice movements. 

B&J's were the first ice cream company (and still the only one) to commit to fully source their ingredients from Fairtrade producers. Their commitment is well thought through - when sourcing bananas, for example, the pureeing takes place in the country of origin adding more value to the farmers. Defective bananas are used for pureering, keeping the industry going in cases of poor crops, and ensuring a viable business for the farmers.


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