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Co-op going bananas?

by Andrew Williams | July 05, 2014 | 0 Comments

*UPDATE*: On Twitter, @rmelling1 is suggesting that the SCB bananas pictured could in fact be Fairtrade - whcih would be a relief. Though eyebrows will still be raised as the SCB website shows their Fairtrade bananas seem to be clearly labelled as such...


The Co-op, as we know, was the first UK supermarket to stock only Fairtrade bananas. This was thrown into sharp focus during Fairtrade Fortnight as the "Stick With Foncho" campaign looked at banana trading between the UK and the rest of the world. 


So why has blogger Jessica Warrey found what seem to be non-Fairtrade bananas in her local Co-op? And why won't the Co-op respond? 


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