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Why buy fair trade at Christmas?

by Louise Davies | November 21, 2013 | 0 Comments

We're swamped with adverts and promotions at this time of year, all trying to grab a chunk of our Christmas spending. Glossy TV ads backed by emotive music make us think of the perfect Christmas Day - surrounded by friends and family, opening beautifully wrapped shiny gifts. It's easy to get swept away with the excesses and we know that can be part of the fun.


We've tried for many years to give charity gifts which are a wonderful way of doing something worthwhile with your money, as well as sending a fun message to your loved ones. But sometimes you really do want to give an actual gift, something you have hand-picked and selected because you know the recipient will love it. If that's the case, please do consider buying a fair trade gift this year. Fair trade means that the producers that have made your item will have received a fair wage, will be working in safe conditions, and will be supported to grow their business and provide a sustainable life for their families. If you're buying products made in the Far East or Africa which are not fair trade, you can be pretty sure that someone has been exploited along the way.


Giving a fair trade gift will give you (and the lucky gift recipient) a genuine Christmassy feelgood factor. Your purchase will improve the lives of those in need - what better gift to give at Christmas time?

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